Meet the members of the official jury

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Born in 1950, Olivier DOLBEAU graduated from the ISG International Business School and the Chartered Professional Accountants School of Business.
After holding the initial position of financial controller assistant in a LAFARGE group subsidiary, he joined the France Air Group in 1977.


He took over the sales development in the Middle-East, Sub-Saharan Africa and Central Europe in the FRANCE AIR EXPORT subsidiary.

In 1980, he moved to Casablanca, Morocco, to become head of the Commercial department and then, head of the directorate-general for HDF establishments. (Distribution of second-fixed materials)

On his return to France, he took over the general management of France Air Export from 1985 to 1990.
In 1989, he established France Air Portugal in both Lisbon and Porto.

In 1990, he returned to the headquarters located in Beynost where he became sales manager and later, in 1993, France Air chief executive.

In 1994, he created France Air Italy (which became a franchised company in 2005).

In 1995, he started up France Air Austria (which was liquidated in 2000)

In 1997, he established France Air Spain (being a franchised company since 2001)

In 2015, he acquired Multi-Vac, a Czech company, as well as its Slovene subsidiary.

In 2016, he created F. AIR HVAC in Switzerland and purchased the Bruno Courtois Company, in Savoy.


To date, he carries out the functions of:

- Chairman of France Air Management, the group’s management board, as well as the supervisory and executive board of France Air Corporate SA ;

- Chief executive officer of France Air SA, located in Beynost (01), France ;

- Chief executive officer of France Air Export SA, located in Aubagne (13), France ;

- Chief executive officer of Snac SAS, located in Carentan (50), France ;

- Manager of France Air Portugal, located in Lisbon and Porto, Portugal ;

- Manager of F. Air Sistemas, located in Luanda, Angola ;

- Manager of Multi-Vac, located in Parbudice, Czech Republic, and in Slovakia ;

- Manager of F.AIR HVAC, located in Ecublens, Switzerland ;

- Manager of Bruno Courtois SAS, located in Saint-Hélène du Lac (73), France.




Alan KIRSCH is an architect and real estate professional with keen curiosity and dedication to constantly learn about innovations in the design field, clean technologies and new construction techniques.

He currently works as an architect and project manager at City Choice Group, an urban residential building and development firm in Houston, USA. where he manages a multidisciplinary team of architects and engineers for the development of new luxury urban residential projects in the city area.


Prior to that, he worked at Goldhill Developments, a commercial property development firm in Singapore where he educated and trained project managers on sustainable techniques and provided design consultation for residential and commercial development projects.


He also served as an in-house architect and business development manager at Elithis Group, an engineering, sustainable building and energy efficiency consulting firm in Dijon, France. where he worked as head of the environmental, sustainable and bioclimatic design division, and as founding member of the R&D department responsible for developing new research initiatives and green technologies. Within this role, he developed the schematic design for the world’s first positive energy medium high-rise residential building in France.


Additioned to that, he has designed and built residential and commercial properties in France and Mexico via private practice, published articles in architecture magazines, and participated in an NGO dedicated to helping families improve living conditions using sustainability as a guiding principle.



Laurent HABART is an independent consultant.


He currently works with companies analyzing their organizational needs and improving their effectiveness by setting up innovative learning policies or training and development programmes or by helping them implement a learning culture to foster both performance and well-being.


He is also secretary of Learning Sphere, an association of independent consultants specialized in new learning technologies.


After business and modern literature studies, he started a career as marketing manager before becoming a publisher of books for business professionals.


He wears several hats as he is also a comic book writer and as he used to be a sessional professor in various business schools and colleges in France.



Benoît BOUREL is Vice-Rector for social responsibility in the Université Catholique de Lille, and director of the sustainable and responsible development institute. The institution aims at developing energy performance-oriented training, research and innovation projects as well as real estate decisions.


He also formulates the sustainable development policy of the Université Catholique de Lille related to the higher education system’s pedagogy, the multidisciplinary research and the sustainable campus. Through his position, he also tends to add value to the university’s initiatives in terms of social responsibilities. As a result of the Third Industriel Revolution in northern France, he is the project manager of an experimental positive-energy building located in the university, in order to promote socio-technical studies and to propose new researches and training programs. This building is the first step of a future smart grid.


After graduation, Benoît Bourel became head of a master class in environmental sciences at ISA Lille, a graduate school in agriculture and bio-engineering. He then spent 11 years doing entomology researches in the Forensic Institute of Lille before working as teacher-researcher at the Faculté Libre des Sciences et Technologies de Lille where he taught environment, animal biology and evolution.


From 2010 to 2014, Benoît Bourel worked for the Association Française Interprofessionnelle des Ecologues (AFIE) which is the French interprofessional association of ecologists. The AFIE consists in professionals working in the applied ecology sector, especially in engineering consultancies, territorial collectivities, government services, public institutions, research labs, higher education institutions, non-governmental organisations and companies. Its primary vocation is promoting the leading-edge know-how of the ecological engineering sector, while taking the French natural heritage preservation into account in all areas of activities.




Thierry VERNINAS is Director of the Kaufman & Broad' innovation, quality and architecture department.

Kaufman & Broad is a leading French property builder and developer. For almost 50 years, Kaufman & Broad has been designing, building and marketing residential apartments, singlefamily homes in communities, managed accommodation, shops, industrial units and offices.

Thierry VERNINAS is an architect and an executive committee member of Kaufman and Broad.
In charge of the development of the Group’s innovation culture, he permanently monitors technical developments, new products and customers’ expectations in order to contribute to the identification and the establishing of new technologies and new ways of living.
He develops partnerships with innovative companies and start-up businesses to experiment concrete solutions of improvement within the building sector.
He formalizes the Quality policy of Kaufman and Broad, including a responsible management system so the organization meets its quality objectives regarding the design and the construction of its buildings.  His 30 years of experience help him to contribute to the maintenance of the architectural quality, know-how and trustworthiness of the operations conducted by the Kaufman and Broad group.