Elithis Group

Introduction to the Group

Among the world’s leader in energy efficiency, Elithis is a French consulting and engineering group in the building sector.

Chaired by Thierry Bièvre, the Elithis group has a long-established presence in fluids engineering, as well as in the energy and environmental efficiency markets. It now more generally supports professionals from the building construction and renovation sectors by providing them with innovative solutions to help them rise up to the challenges that are theirs in a fast-changing world.

The Elithis group develops its activity around complementary businesses that enable it to be involved in the entire building sector

Engineering and building work: technical project management

Consultancy; audit ; energy and environmental performance

Building economics

Project management assistance

Positive energy and neutral carbon emission operation management

Professional training

Pioneer in the design of buildings with a small environmental footprint, the Elithis Group brilliantly won renown for the conception of the world’s first positive energy office tower at a standard cost.

Designed in 2009 and located in Dijon, France, the “Elithis Tower” is currently the showcase of energy and environmental performance as it welcomes all year round scientists and students from all over the world (China, Germany, South-Korea, the United-States etc.) To date, nearly 15,000 people have already visited the world’s most sober office building.

Indeed, Elithis currently remains the only consulting and building company having a positive energy building that really meets environmental standards, as well as energy performance ones.

Off of the strong success of the Elithis Tower, the company decided to design the 1st multipurpose positive energy residential tower – the Danube Tower.

Located in Strasbourg, France, in a ground-breaking eco-district, the “Danube Tower” is to be delivered in late 2017 and is aimed to make positive energy available for everyone.

Its vision

At a time when mankind is more and more confronted to a series of global issues (economic, social and environmental), the Elithis group strongly believes that sustainable development is one of the best coming opportunity for our society to seize, in terms of value-adding and wealth creation. It thus works on a way to change our conception of housing so it improves and advances towards more comfort, more quality and more efficiency for all.

Nowadays, about 40 to 45% of total French energy consumption is consumed in residential and commercial buildings. As a result, Elithis’ researchers and engineers currently develop solutions to help reduce the impact of its constructions on the environment, while trying to change society’s mentality and protect the planet. Because it genuinely believes that everyone can take actions to respond positively to this huge challenge, it encourages people to see under the surface of what is to delve more deeply into what could be in a better world. As a visionary y placing the user – the human-being - at the core of building design and development, Elithis strongly differentiates itself. Indeed, in an age of disenchantment, its primary ambition is to make a lasting contribution to the improvement of our quality of life and the strengthening of social links.

The Group’s motto - Life Green Lab – perfectly embodies its philosophy as it reaffirms its willingness to place all its energy and expertise at the service of Life. In that spirit, Tomorrow’s best resource is brainpower – that is why Elithis devotes itself to the emancipation of intelligence by organising the Well Building 2050 contest for international students to imagine the urban Housing of their dreams. The future’s design should not be limited to the existing know-how but should be based on the individuals’ ideas of well-being. As such, technology is no limit: it must adapt to Man’s needs and desires, and not the other way round.

Since our wishes should be the foundations upon which a more prosperous and fair-sharing future should be built, it is up to us to imagine tomorrow’s world and build it for the best. That is the reason why Elithis is now calling for young people’s contribution to the philosophical, sociological and architectural definition of 2050 urban housing where harmony should be the starting point of their reflection - harmony between human-beings as well as harmony between them and their urban environment. Because the invention and the conceptualisation of a better life for everyone should be done with boldness, idea-sharing and multidisciplinarity, Elithis is now urging people to believe in the power of their imagination as it may have the strength to make their – and everyone elses’- dreams come true.

Terra Ethica

As a non-profit organisation, Terra Ethica is an association of people who contribute on a daily basis to environmental protection and awareness. Its main objective is to make people understand how their behaviour can impact the environment – both positively and negatively – and to indicate them paths for reflection and action.

“Our purpose defines our future. We need your contribution.”

- Thierry Brièvre