Teams are forming!

Ecrit par BASTONERO Melissa le 27/06/2016

From May 18th to July 18th, 2016, students worldwide are given a chance to participate in the Well Building 2050 – 2016 edition contest. The objective: forecasting and planning the future of our urban living spaces, whilst taking the three pillars of sustainable development into account.

Before submitting your project, remember that you can only achieve a significant change of perspective by turning your gaze resolutely toward a more responsible future. It is by moving away from the existing world that fresh new ideas arise: that is the reason why the Elithis Group ensures the transmission of its business philosophy to new and old staff. It aims at emancipating and disinhibiting people’s thinking, which is still established by education, personal experience and common sense. Elithis thus offers freethinkers the opportunity to act today for tomorrow by moving boundaries between reality and illusion thanks to their imagination.

Students, it’s up to you to do so! Entries will be accepted until the end of the registration period on July 18th, 2016, at midnight, Paris Time (GMT+1), France.

“Believe in the reality of your imagination.”