Registrations are NOW open!

Ecrit par BASTONERO Melissa le 26/05/2016

On May 18th, 2016, the Elithis Group launched the second edition of its Well Building 2050 contest, being now open for registration! Don't forget, you only have two months to organise your team and submit your application file by logging on the dedicated Candidate Portal. The application file must include the following documents:


  • An administrative record,

  • Team members' résumés,

  • Team members' certificates of school attendance,

  • A letter of intent which may not exceed a maximum of 1,500 characters (spaces included). Teams are thus invited to present themselves, express their dreamlike vision of housing for 2050 and speak about their motivation . 

  • A graphic design digital file (sketches, sectional drawings, building elevation drawings etc.) in PDF 300, DPI or JPEG format, in high-definition. 

  • and a summary report of their futuristic project that addresses the following issues:
    - quality of life (living conditions - air quality, luminosity and thermal comfort-),
    - energy efficiency,
    - eco-friendly quality,
    - architectural integration,
    - controlled construction costs and energy independence,
    - quality of materials (analysis of their grey energy and life cycle).


If you are daring, you will be creative. That is what we expect from you!