France Air: official sponsor of the Well Building 2050 - 2016 edition

Ecrit par BASTONERO Melissa le 03/10/2016

The France Air Group is a family business started in 1960, when the Dolbeau family went back to France after almost 50 years spent in Morocco. The company is now operated by a third-generation of managers as Olivier Dolbeau is its current Chief Executive Officer. In 2015, the company had a total workforce of 540 and a consolidated turnover of €137 million.


Specialized in the design and distribution of air-treatment systems, the France Air group holds a strong and unique position on the market. It is involved in service buildings, hospitals, industrial structures, council housing and professional kitchens. The group’s headquarters are located in Beynost (01), France. It owns 23 “Air branches” in France, 7 in Europe, including 2 franchised subsidiaries in Europe and 1 in Angola. It has recently acquired a subsidiary in Switzerland.
The group exports its products and systems in more than 35 countries throughout the world, in which it achieved 25% of its sales.


France Air aims at improving indoor air quality and optimizing buildings’ energy consumption while preserving users’ comfort whether at work or at home.
Innovation is thus at the core of the France Air strategy as it develops technologies of ventilation, energy recovery and the association of various power supplies. Its primary driver for innovation is the belief that Man needs to preserve the air to protect himself from the harmful effects of air pollution.


Expertise: “Designing and distributing air systems and components”
The France Air group holds a unique position on the market where its expertise is well recognized. Indeed, it masters the entire air channel and is the only distributor to provide a complete installation of an air system.


Markets: industrial structures, service buildings, professional kitchens, council housing etc.
One of the France Air group’s strengths is its innovative capacity as well as products' research and development, which represents 10% of its annual turnover.
All of its products are distributed under the France Air trademark.

Corporate culture: the ethical values transmitted by the previous Dolbeau generations are still very much alive today. They said they were builders of a group of companies but also of a group of men to breathe life into France Air and prepare for the future. The moral foundations of the group are solid. They are based on honesty, dynamism, transparency, responsibility, mutual respect and creative and constructive freedom for all.
These values shape the group’s corporate culture, currently represented by Olivier Dolbeau, Chief Executive Officer of France Air. He endeavours to do better, always with passion for this family business to continue for a long time. His strategy is clear: it is organizing an efficient power of distribution based on the respect of quality commitments; it is ceaselessly improving the group’s management by relying on a motivated team of professionals, united around its customers’ projects ; it is having a performance culture summarized in three key words: cash, growth and profitability.


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