Well Building 2050 – edition 2016: placing Desire at the core of the reflection

Ecrit par BASTONERO Melissa le 27/05/2016

Modern utopias are built on the foundations of our desires. Those intense longings challenge the very heart of society, whose future is endlessly haunted by sweet dreams of sustained improvement. However, when it comes to create a better tomorrow, do we always have a comprehensive knowledge of our desires? Are we even given the chance to think outside the box?

Four years after the first edition of Well Building 2050, Elithis re-edits its international design housing contest for 2050, with the intention of questioning the future of the urban habitat. Open to students from all over the world regardless of their academic specialisation, the competition is aimed at defying creative minds to plan a modern utopia that will meet their dreams and expectations while devoting their problem-solving efforts to the three pillars of sustainable development.

Keeping energy efficiency and quality of life in mind, participants will be asked to hold a multi-disciplinary dialogue in order to apply hybrid thinking to their reasoning. Compulsory built around the architecture and design professions, only interdisciplinary teams will be allowed to participate in the creation of desires, instead of the creation of needs.

The Elithis Group is thus providing students with the unparalleled opportunity to get off the beaten tracks and give their imagination free rein so they can contribute significantly to the exploration of urban housing’s future. Today’s explorations create tomorrow’s experiences, for good or bad, for gain or loss.

Therefore, be part of the few adventurers opening up new prospects through boldness and inventiveness. Take actions for the world to come and provide housing with wider perspectives. Participate in the Well Building 2050 – 2016 edition and express yourself the way Elithis knows best - freely.